Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split, Fast Moving On: Stewart Linked to Zac Efron, Pattinson was First Choice for '50 Shades' Christian Grey

By Ruth

Robert Pattinson may now be rest assured that Kristen Stewart has moved on from their split drama.

The Twilight actress is allegedly ready for the next love story, and is looking for a simple guy in the likes of Zac Efron, Star magazine says.

"Kristen’s relationship with Rob was so tense. She’s ready to have a good time and wants to date a completely different type of guy," a source claimed, according to the site.

Stewart and Pattinson famously dated for four years while co-starring in the blockbuster vampire film series, and split earlier this year following Kristen's cheating scandal with married director Rupert Sanders. While their frequent breakups and patch-ups have been rumored for months, the Twilight dream couple seems to have really called it quits.
While Rob was spotted at Kristen's house in August, news and rumors on the couple have largely quieted down.

With Robsten's split turning from rumors into history, Stewart and Efron may in fact work out better since the 25-year-old High School Musical actor is "not looking for anything emotional, and Kristen doesn’t want anything serious. This could work out great for both of them," the source continues.

The 23-yer-old ex-girlfriend of Pattinson thinks Zac "would be the perfect rebound to help her move on from the broody Brit," according to Star magazine.

“He’s a bit of a playboy,” the insider spilled, adding, “so he wants to keep his partying lifestyle intact. He’s not looking for anything emotional, and Kristen doesn’t want anything serious. This could work out great for both of them!”

For the rest of the women in the world, Rob's availability is a great news.
The hunky actor has already been linked with several womenin and a recent sighting claimed that Pattinson stole all the attention at Soho House while out with two mystery women.
“He had a huge grin on his face,” a source said of Rob's wild night in Los Angeles.
The 27-year-old was also revealed as the first choice of E.L. James for the role of Christian Grey for "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie adaptation, though the leading actor has now been confirmed as Charlie Hunnam.

"Talked to E.L. James at a party over the summer: her first choice for Christian was Rob Pattinson," author Bret Easton Ellis tweeted.
"She and I were at Rob Pattinson's house when she admitted that Rob was first choice for Christian. When E.L. James asked me who I thought should be Christian I said 'James Deen, of course,' and then she shoved me. We were both very wasted."

Though the world may not see Rob in the soft core film, all eyes will still be on his love life.