Running Into That Man at the National Prayer Breakfast

By James.B

Our country has voices, and at this year's National Prayer Breakfast one rose to an epic volume. Chaplain of the United States Senate, retired Rear Admiral Dr. Barry Black, left the podium while a spontaneous and thunderous crowd recognized a new piece of our oral history.

From the first sounds of his Darius Rucker voice and Dr. King prose to his G. K. Chesterton depth and Billy Graham anointing, he provoked our minds and prodded our emotions.

He reminded us, "How to have your voice heard - in Heaven." And in the process, this seemed to redound from such a lofty place. He challenged us to pray for all people, and do so "out of a sense of need," "with intimacy," and "for those who govern." When he finished, we could join him in stating that we, "feel the palpable presence of God in this place."

At the 22nd of the 26-minute speech, you might say heaven came down as he reflected on his life's intersection with I Peter 1:18-19. At ten years of age he had the logical awareness to realize that "The value of an object is based upon the price someone is willing to pay." And that Jesus had paid the ultimate price for him. And as his life unfolded, everywhere he went he kept running into "that man."



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