Sam Rodriguez slams America's 'lukewarm Church': 'Race, sexuality became idols'

By The Christian Post

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez speaks on an episode of The Rubin Report on April 9, 2021. | YouTube/The Rubin Report

The biggest problem in America is a “lukewarm church” that is “bowing at the altar of race,” megachurch pastor and prominent Latino evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez believes. 

"Somehow, race just became God," the 51-year-old pastor of the Sacramento, California-based New Season Church said in an interview last week with Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report."

The pastor, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, noted that some pastors speak more about race than they do about Jesus, Moses or Abraham. 

"Race and sexuality became idols," he elaborated, "And we are worshiping on the altar of the gods created by culture."

Source:The Christian Post