Samsung Electronics Lawsuit With Dyson Dismissed: British Manufacturer Dyson Unlikely To Win

By Benjamin Jones

British Manufacturer Dyson has withdrawn a lawsuit it filed in August against Samsung for its latest vacuum cleaners.

After reviewing documents that Samsung submitted in regards to the new design, it was determined that it would be unlikely for Dyson to win the lawsuit and they have withdrawn.

Samsung will now assess the damage this lawsuit has made to its brand image and determine whether a lawsuit will be taken out against Dyson for compensation.

The lawsuit filed 2 months ago to the United Kingdom High court in regards to the "Motion Sync" steering mechanism, which allows independent motion of the wheel from the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Upon Samsung revealing the new design in the IFA, Dyson CEO Max Conze expressed his dismay of the design at the time to the media, and noted that it was a patent breach and they have already filed a lawsuit to the U.K. High Court.

Samsung's spokesperson has since defended the design, explaining that the design took 1 year of R&D and would be able to fight off any patent infringement lawsuits.

The result have proved Samsung right, however the South Korean manufacturer was just ordered by a Silicon Valley jury to pay Apple a $290 Million for iPhone and iPad infringements, which somewhat overshadows the lawsuit win in the U.K..


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