Shopkins Season 4: New Shoppie Introduced, Season 4 Roundup, Shopkins App, Happy Meal, News, Updates

By Yumi Redfield

With the year ending here’s your Shopkins Season 4 Roundup.

By now, most stores (if the much coveted toys are not sold out) are already stocked with the basic and not so basic Shopkins products, so what are the new and not so new additions in Shopkins Season 4?

Let’s start with the most basic: Blind Baskets

The first three seasons of Shopkins had blind baskets. Moose Toys seemed to have wanted to give more variety with the Shopkins Season 4, as aside from the normal Shopkins Blind Basket (or 2 pack) Moose Toys has also released a Shopkins Season 4 Fashion Spree 2 pack which are in purple baskets with pink handles, and a Shopkins Season 4 Food Fair 2 pack which are in a stackable display case.

Shopkins Season 4 also released the normal 5 pack, 12 pack, and the Mega Pack (20 pcs).

Shopkins Season 3 released a huge 33 pack Shopkins. So far, I’ve been unable to find a Shopkins Season 4 33 pack.

Shopkins Season 4 Collector’s Case

One of the best things released by Moose Toys is the Shopkins Collector’s Case. The Shopkins Collector’s Case can hold up to 60 Shopkins and comes with 2 Exclusive Shopkins. With moms constantly complaining that their kids keeps on losing the Shopkins that they’re collecting, the Collector’s Case is the best answer as with the clear cover, collectors will be able to store and display their collections easily.

Shopkins Season 4 Shoppies

How do you play with Shopkins when there’s no one to shop? With the release of Shopkins Season 4, they also revealed 3 (now 4 with the addition of a new character) little Shoppie Dolls! Bubbleisha, Popette, Jessicake, and the new addition that was just recently revealed, Peppa-mint!

Each Shoppie comes with 2 Exclusive Shopkins, a Shopkins Handbag, and of course, a brush.

Shopkins McDonald’s Happy Meal

Moose Toys recently partnered with McDonald’s to offer the Shopkins Happy Meal. With the purchase of a Happy Meal, you’ll be given a bag with a Shopkin that is already revealed, while the other is in a blind bag. Like a typical Shopkin 2 pack, the two Shopkins in the Happy Meal bags are random.

Shopkins App

Knowing that Shopkins Shopping List typicall gets lost, torn, or simply thrown out, Shopkins has now offered a free Collector’s App. With the app, you can tag all the Shopkins that you already have, even mark duplicates. It has everything that Shopkins has released!

The Shopkins Collector’s App is available both for Android and iOS.

Happy Collecting!

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