Should Christians Boycott the Supporter of Same-Sex Marriage - Starbucks?

By Ruth

The debate on same-sex marriage continues to intensify in the United States of America. In the past year, to eat or not to eat the "Chick-Fil-A" sparked the war of words regarding the definition of marriage; this year, to drink or not to drink Starbucks coffee again ignited the combat between traditional marriage and same-sex marriage. In the face of Starbucks which endorses same-sex marriage, are Christians to drink or not to drink?

Starbucks is somewhat different from the other enterprises which support same-sex marriage. Some enterprises, in hopes to gain favor from various groups, will be more cautious when commenting on topics of marriage, and thus avoid being too loud; but Starbucks announces that same-sex marriage is established as the company's core value, which makes people hesitant to accept their arrogance.

The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, expressed his support for same-sex marriage in the company's annual meeting, based on the theory of "embracing diversity". The irony is that he was not respectful to those present who held different views, and sharply retorted, saying: "If you are not happy about this, please sell your stock and leave. No one is holding you back."

Starbucks executives supporting same-sex marriage has received many criticisms from Christians and those in support of traditional marriage. Some believers criticized that Schultz's "embracing diversity" is fooling oneself, "To the thousands and millions of Christian believers who support the one-man-one-woman marriage, can Schultz display the same embrace?"

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