Should Christians Watch 'The Shack'?

By James.B

Debate continues to swirl around the new film "The Shack," based on the best-selling novel, as notable Christian leaders contend it contains theological inaccuracies and Christians must be watchful.

In a Thursday interview with The Christian Post, Carmen Fowler LaBerge, host of "The Reconnect" radio program, believes that the book and movie proves biblically problematic on some important fronts.

"[Media company] Lionsgate has sought to address some of concerns about the book by framing the movie in the context of the unconscious," LaBerge said of the controversy surrounding the film. "And so, we don't theologically have the same expectations of the way the mind works in its unconscious state. "

But those efforts to respond in this manner were due to some of the strongest criticisms of the film, namely, the representation of God not only as Trinity, but the Father and Spirit shown in human form, she noted. Such physical representation "is contrary to the way the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments represent Father and the Spirit," she said.


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