Social media and the internet sowing racial discontent

By The Christian Post

What role has social media and the Internet played in sowing racial discontent?

As racial and ethnic tensions become ever more tense, even some of the progressive left are now expressing deep concern about media’s role in “fanning the flames” of racial and ethnic hostility among their fellow Americans.

(Photo: The Christian Post/Katherine T. Phan)

The current edition of Newsweek contains a very important article written by Eric Kaufmann. The article describes the growing, but erroneous belief of rising national racism and hostility to people of color. Kaufmann, a University of London professor, asks a very provocative question, “what if the media and the national conversation isn’t exposing racism so much as creating it or at least creating the impression that it is far more prevalent than we thought?"

In fact, Kaufmann found a persistent effort to fan the flames of racial and ethnic hatred and discredit police forces as legitimate instruments of authority.

In the process, they have convinced many Americans erroneously that racism is at pandemic levels in the United States.

Source:The Christian Post