Stellaris DLC Release Date and Trailer: First DLC Coming to Stellaris Revealed! [TRAILER]

By Princess Love

Recently a set of premium DLCs coming to 'Stellaris' has finally been announced by Paradox Interactive (Developer of 'Stellaris').

The game, 'Stellaris', has been around in the market for 2 months now, particularly on Steam, but it only took 2 months for Paradox Entertainment to start releasing DLCs for 'Stellaris'.

One of the DLC that is set to be released on 'Stellaris' is the upcoming 'Plantoids Species Pack' which will have a lot of new species added to the narrative-driven game.

Several patches were also released on 'Stellaris's base game-improving a lot of the game's aspect. Now, Paradox Entertainment is ready to release new 'Stellaris DLC' in the recent growing catalog of the game.

The range of DLCs set to be released on 'Stellaris' will start next month by August 4 and will debut with the 'Plantoids Species Pack'.

The 'Plantoids Species Pack' will be the first of 'the Stellaris' add-on added to 'Stellaris'. It'll bring new sentient plants to 'Stellaris'. Paradox Entertainment said that the upcoming 'Stellaris DLC' will include 15 new portraits, new ship models, and a new unique cityscape for the new 'Stellaris' species.

The upcoming 'Plantoids Species Pack' is not the only DLC coming to 'Stellaris', another big reveal includes the game's soundtrack that's going to be available for download. Aside from this, Paradox Entertainment is also going to release and e-book called, 'Stellaris: Infinite Frontiers'. The upcoming e-book will explore the storyline of the first encounter of mankind with one of the alien species that is featured in 'Stellaris'. The e-book can also be purchased on Steam and on the Paradox Interactive Store.

Because the upcoming 'Plantoids Species Pack' is yet to be released by August 4, 2016, for now you can watch the trailer for the upcoming 'Stellaris DLC' below.


Which species are you looking forward to? Leave your comments below.

'Stellaris: Plantoid Species Pack' will be the first DLC coming to 'Stellaris' and will be released this coming August 4 on Steam.

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