Stephen Colbert on 'The Bible,' Says Diogo Morgado Is A 'Beef Cake,' 'Too Hot' To Play Jesus

By Alma

TV host and comedian, Stephen Colbert had a few words of criticism against the mega-hit series "The Bible." During the March 25 episode of "The Colbert Report," Colbert revealed that his greatest issue with the "the Bible" is the Portuguese actor and model, Diogo Morgado who plays Jesus Christ. 

“It does not project holiness when you cannot look at him without" saying the name of God in vain, he stated, referring to Morgado as a "beef cake" and "too hot" on "The Bible."

“We need a Jesus who suffers like us — with a spare tire, receding hairline and who only came back on Easter because he heard there was chocolate," Colbert continued. 

Colbert also shared his frustration with the commercialization of the Bible.

“If you enjoy watching ‘The Bible,’ you want to explore the source material,” Colbert said as he took out a copy of the promotional "The Bible" book and not an actual Bible. “A Story of God and All of Us: A Novel Based on the Epic TV Series 'The Bible.'”

“All the biblical stories you love from the miniseries, finally assembled into one book," he added.

Colbert also slammed "The Bible" casting choice for Mary, the mother of Jesus. Roma Downey, who is the executive producer of the series along with her husband, Mark Burnett, took on the iconic role. 

 “Wow, I wonder who she had to sleep with to get that part. Nobody! It’s called the Immaculate Audition," he said. 

Catch "The Bible" finale on March 31, 8PM ET on "The History Channel.

Video: The Bible Series Finale Sneak Peek



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