Success of 'I Can Only Imagine' made way for Gospel to be heard in China

By The Christian Post

The filmmaker behind the blockbuster hit, “I Can Only Imagine,” Jon Erwin, March 2019 | Facebook/NRB

The filmmaker behind the blockbuster hit “I Can Only Imagine” said the success of the film in the United States made it possible for the film to be a witnessing tool in other countries, including China.

Last year, the film "I Can Only Imagine" brought in $17.1 million domestically during its opening weekend, and over $83 million in total, superseding expectations. Its popularity made it go “on global autopilot,” Jon Erwin explained at the NRB convention in March.

He shared that when a film in America does well, it automatically gets dubbed in multiple languages to be distributed in several countries.

Source:The Christian Post