Testimony of Tim Tebow, from Birth to Football Player

By Michelle

Tim Tebow was interviewed by CBN Sports' Shawn Brown to talk football, faith, and being a champion in both worlds.

Birth of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's Mom pregnanted with him after giving birth to 4 of his siblings and there was some complications. A lot of doctors suggested her to have abortion with Tim and told her that was not a wise decision to keep the baby with tumor.

However, his Mom had never thought of aborting Tim.

"It wasn't a choice for her. It wasn't a choice...she was always determined no matter what the outcome was, she always going to give me a chance because she determined in her mind the grace and amazing of God. He can do anything. She trust him with this," said Tim Tebow.

Homeschooling experience of Tim Tebow

He was born in the Philippines and when he was three, his parent moved the family to Florida. While his Dad continued his ministry, his mom homeschooled Tim and the four siblings. It is fun and also challenging.

"Homeschool was wonderful for us. And mom was amazing [to] give homeschool to us and specially to have 5 kids in a house at one time. She did amazing job with us and kept everybody focusing on doing school work."

"More important [than] learning Maths, writing an essay, that was learning character, learning strength, learning to do the right thing, learning to treat others in a way you wanted to be treated. Implementing those character qualities first informally before school even started and that was huge for us. It was huge to start proper a day in every morning, it was huge to start every morning before anything going to be started," Tim Tebow shared.

Tim Tebow accepted Jesus Christ at age 7

He accepted Jesus Christ as savior when he was 7 because he imagined of having a crash the next day and he thought he cannot go to the heaven and he was scared. Therefore the next day, he went to his Mom, not Dad because he was afraid that his father will ask too many questions. His mom helped him and he prayed to invite Jesus into his heart.

"I ask Jesus come into my heart, forgive my sins and made me a child of God...from that...I know I was away from darkness to light and my eternity was sealed and I know as a little boy [that it] change my life and it's a great decision I ever made," shared Tim Tebow as if he was praying to God at 7.

Become a football player

As Tim grow up, he said he become extremely competitive. He played baseball, basketball and football. About playing football he says said he liked football before even I played it.

"I knew that I love this game, I knew that was something that I want to do. And I was six years old. But I loved it. I knew that was something I need to do. And I love this than any other thing else," he exclaimed.

"When you are in the hurdle, all the team guide will look at you. Everybody depending on you, it is your responsibility, if you fail, it's on you, not on anyone else. And I kind of love that pressure about it," he explained.

Tim desire to be the hero which eventually led him into University of Florida and he said that was football became his mission field.

To Make A Difference

"What so amazing is in today's society is [how] people look at football players. If I am a football player, you have a platform to influence people," Tim shared.

Tim's Dad told him in his early age that if he has a platform, he could share any messages that she wants, around the country and around the world.

"Absolutely, he always shares with me about platform I have, [I should] make a difference.

Tim Tebow's hope of his life

"I hope that they say that this is a guy who number one loves the Lord, but he also loves people and he wants to make a difference in one people's life. And he wants to help everyone he comes contact with and he is genuine, he is real, he cares about people, and it's not about touch the ground. But it's about relationships, making a difference in one's life and in that end day glorifying God!"

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XyFH5AdjQg