'The Bible' Actors Say Good Friday Passion Scenes Were An 'Amazing & Emotional Experience For Us All' [VIDEO]

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"The Bible" actors Diogo Morgado, Darwin Shaw, and producer Roma Downey sat down with CNN's Carol Costello to discuss the final episode of the hit TV mini-series that will conclude on Easter Sunday. 

When asked what his experienced was like playing Jesus during the Good Friday Passion scenes of the cross, actor Diogo Morgado confessed that the experience was truly overwhelming.

"I don’t remember. That's how big it was for me. There is a lot of things during those really strong scenes that I basically disconnected my rational part of it. And I do remember how it felt. I have an emotional memory most of all," Morgado said.

"It was painful... it was also magical and unique. I can tell you that one point being on that cross, I had a flash of my entire life leading up to that moment. That's really overwhelming and that's so powerful. There is no way that can't affect you... And it did... I'm still digesting all the things that had happened on there," he continued.

Later he added that he would be watching the edited scenes for the first time on "The Bible" when it airs on March 31. "I've never seen this scene before. So I am gonna join the whole audience that will tune in next Sunday."

Darwin Shaw who plays "Peter" on the series described the crucifixion scene as an amazing journey. 

I remember that day [of the crucifixion scene] so well because we always went to set and watched each other even on days when we weren't shooting. And we kind of lived through each other’s journeys. It was an amazing and emotional experience for us all, I think."

When asked how being on a series narrating the Bible has changed him, Shaw explained that feeling differently is inevitable.

"I think you can't do a job like this without really changing and exploring how you feel about the world to a much deeper level. I know that was true for myself and it was true for pretty much all the cast," he said. 

Millions of fans have made "The Bible" series an unexpected hit. While Downey and husband/co-producer, Mark Burnett, believed the show would be received well, she still admits the experience is truly humbling.

"Its been humbling and gratifying and exhilarating to see that so many people have experienced the show, who have been touched by the show, uplifted by the show," she said during the interview. 

"The Bible" is expected to draw its greatest number of viewers this Sunday, March 31 at 8PM ET for the final episode of the mini-series.

Check out the full interview video:

'The Bible' Actors & Producer Roma Downey speak with CNN before the miniseries finale

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