'The Bible' Diogo Morgado Reminisces on History Channel's Hit Series, What Awaits the Jesus Actor Next?

By Ruth

Diogo Morgado, the man behind Jesus in "The Bible" mini-series on History Channel, is not over his megahit role yet, just like the rest of the world.

Portuguese actor Morgado was praised as "Hot Jesus" in his epic role as the Son of God in the 10-hour mini-series created by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. 

And now, he cannot help but reminisce the once-in-a-lifetime memories. 

"Looking back at "The Bible" Series through some wonderful pictures," the Jesus actor tweeted Thursday afternoon, along with a link to Roma Downey's Facebook photo album.

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Snaps of some memorable scenes from "The Bible" are posted on the page, including Diogo Morgado as Jesus and Roma Downey as Mary the mother of Jesus.

On Easter Sunday, the TV series came to an end with the fifth episode entitled "Passion," which included the much-awaited scenes of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

"The Bible" has collected millions of viewers and made history on History Channel by leading it to be the top cable network. Its March 3 premiere drew 13.1 million viewers, while the last episode finished strongly with 12.3 million viewers.

Morgado is apparently enjoying his newfound fame.

"I take the [Hot Jesus] nickname as a compliment obviously, but I'm waiting for the good stuff, and the good stuff for me is if someone just nabbed me on the shoulder and said 'look you did a pretty good job,'" Morgado told USA Today in an interview. 

"Something like this more than anything, something like playing Jesus, for me, if only I can have one person go straight to me and say 'you touched me, and you brought me something I thought I'd lost,' that would be my best compliment," he added.

Diogo may not be the first man who is hailed as "Hot Jesus," but the unexpected hit of "The Bible" has given Burnett the confidence to declare that the 33-year-old actor is now defining the role of Jesus on screen. 

"I can't see how anybody else is going to play that role after this and not be compared to this," Burnett said.

"Diogo now defined that role."

"I think he will define this role for generations," Downey also told PEOPLE of Morgado earlier last month.

"He's just a beautiful actor inside and out. This is going to make him a big star."

The handsome actor who played a gracious Messiah may indeed shape the standard idea on what Jesus looked like, endangering the position of Jim Caiezel, who played Jesus in Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of The Christ." 

After starring in such a character-defining TV series, no doubt the "Hot Jesus" is unsure as to what roles he can take up next.

“The next audience will be tough!” Morgado told Access Hollywood, adding that God is “in charge.”

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