'The Bible' Mini-Series Ends; Diogo Morgado Responds to Touching Compliments on Twitter, 'I'm Beyond Words,' He Says

By Alma

"The Bible" mini-series came to an end on Easter Sunday, March 31 with its 5th episode. Diogo Morgado, who played Jesus, was complimented for his portrayal of the Passion scenes, the resurrection, and the ascension, which were also featured in the final episode. The Portuguese actor took to his Twitter to take his fans for the touching response. 

"I'm beyond words to thank you all the wonderful comments. It's touching me more then I was ever expecting. It's too much. So appreciate," Morgado posted on Monday. 

Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett were also excited about the reception and high ratings of the bible-themed show. Fans on Twitter expressed their thankfulness for the 5-week run of the series. 

"@realromadowney & @MarkBurnettTV Thank you for leveraging your life to make the #theBible series a reality!" @terryweaver posted. 

"@RealRomaDowney #TheBible will be seen & remembered for all ages & time! Thank you for bringing it alive again! @michael_legge @bibleseries," another user: @CMIYKEILAH said.

"@RealRomaDowney @michael_legge @bibleseries Thank you for your work in bringing this series into our homes! God bless!" rgeis20 posted. 

@blissful1985 posted: "@RealRomaDowney You have no idea how much you've changed the world by making this series! #thebible #thankyou #JesusIsLORD"

"The Bible" mini-series already has a spin-off in the works, read more about it below!

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