'The Bible' Success Prompts $20M Jesus Mini-Series, More Bible-Themed Shows to Come on Screen?

By Ruth

Thanks to the "The Bible" mini-series that has exposed the story of Jesus' life to the nation, He is getting his own mini-series to come.

The handsome and gracious Jesus in "The Bible" may have altered some viewers' take on the most influential man who has ever walked on earth, and now, with the newfound spotlight, He may appear on the TV screen more often than before. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr. are rolling out a six-hour TV show "Jesus of Nazareth."

“We believe the audience continues to have a hunger for life- and faith-affirming films,” said Landon Jr., who is producing the series alongside Bird for Motion Picture Corporation of America (MPCA).

“The monumental success ofMark Burnett and Roma Downey’s The Bible just underscores that.”

The idea for the $20 million mini-series was initiated before "The Bible," but it only got green light after the epic TV series was aired, according to Brad Krevoy, the founder and CEO of MPCA.

“I’m very comfortable we’re going to get plenty of takers,” Krevoy said of finding U.S. networks to air the show.

Their version of "Jesus of Nazareth" “will be traditional in the sense we’re going to stay true to the gospel, but it won’t be traditional in the sense that our version is actually gong to be made for the skeptic, not the believer," Landon explained.

“We’re not looking to cause controversy to anybody. What we hope to do will be orthodox and faithful to the gospel and pleasing to whoever sees it. The idea of helping skeptics see Christ in a different way than they’ve ever seen him before, that’s not going to upset the choir," Bird told th site, as Landon added, "We’re going to be faithful to our favorite book of all time.”

“Every generation should have the chance to experience this story,” Krevoy said of Jesus. “It’s perfect for today with all the things happening in the world. It’s great entertainment and educational.”

“I don’t know how you do the story of the most inspirational human being who ever walked the earth and not have it be inspiring in terms of the people around him who had their lives changed,” Bird told The Hollywood Reporter.

"The Bible" mini-series has secured over 10 million since its March 3 premiere. Its success is in part thanks to the actor of Jesus Diogo Morgado. The Portuguese actor has been the center of praise for his handsome look, which gave him a nickname of "Hot Jesus"

"I take the [Hot Jesus] nickname as a compliment obviously, but I'm waiting for the good stuff, and the good stuff for me is if someone just nabbed me on the shoulder and said 'look you did a pretty good job,'" Morgado told USA Today in an interview. 

"Something like this more than anything, something like playing Jesus, for me, if only I can have one person go straight to me and say 'you touched me, and you brought me something I thought I'd lost,' that would be my best compliment," said the Jesus actor.

"The Bible" will air its finale episode at 8 pm ET on March 31, the Easter Sunday. 


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