The Facts About Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

By Boaz Wadel

With the Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, news sources and a prominent pro-life congressman have warned the tens of thousands of attendees could be providing cover for the sexual trafficking of women and girls.

According to Policy Mic, for example, "hundreds of thousands of people (mainly men) flock to the New York City metro area for the week's festivities, [so] the primary motivator for increased prostitution is increased demand for it." CBS, meanwhile, citesa former victim-turned-advocate who says "The Super Bowl is a huge, huge arena for sex trafficking....[Some] are coming to the Super Bowl not even to watch football - they are coming to the Super Bowl to have sex with women, and/or men or children."

And in a hearing this week on Capitol Hill, Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who co-chairs the House anti-human trafficking caucus, said, "We know from the past, any sports venue - especially the Super Bowl - acts as a sex-trafficking magnet."

Hard facts surrounding major events and related greater prevalence of sex trafficking are difficult to find. Records show the areas around several recent Super Bowls saw no increase in sex trafficking arrests - but many sex trafficking operations generate no arrests for weeks or months.

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