The “Gay” Have No Interest in “Gay Marriage” or Civil Unions; Gay Writer Urges Italians to Oppose Same-sex Civil Unions Bill

By Boaz Wadel

The majority of those in Italy who identify themselves as "gay" have no interest in "gay marriage" or civil unions, a gay Catholic writer told

LifeSiteNews in an interview this weekend.

"I would like to reveal something that perhaps no one has the courage to say; that Arcigay [the national Italian homosexualist lobby] represents only a small percentage of what people with homosexual impulses think. Someone has to say that the King is naked!"

The popular Rome-based Catholic blogger who identifies himself only as "Eliseo del Deserto" (Elisha of the Desert) continues a one-man campaign in favour of a different direction for gay people from that envisioned by the global homosexualist movement: one of voluntary chastity and reconciliation with God, a path that he maintains is the only way to personal peace and emotional growth.

"Civil unions? No thank you! Certainly there are rights that must be recognized in cohabitation, but the family is another thing. Marriage is another thing!" he said.

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