Tim Tebow in Intense Training, knowing God Holds his Future (VIDEO)

By Deborah

Tim Tebow, who is currently working as a TV analyst for the SEC, never gives up his NFL dream. Now He is still staying in NFL shape with an intense training program, including a new and strange game called "Danney-Ball."

Tebow has been reportedly joining NFL player working out with a trainer lan Danney at Performance Enhancement Professionals.

Since he heard from some players that how great Danney is with his therapy in the training, the football star goes back and forth from Los Angeles, where he is doing a lot of quarterback work, to get the training with Danney.

The training includes a new and strange game called "Danney-Ball." Just as its name implies, the game created by Danny, is a version of sand volleyball but played with a ten-pound heavy ball.

When Tebow immerses himself in this intense workout in the heat and on the sand, he said his whole body is easily to get tired, from his shoulders all way down to his feet, but he is excited about his improvement. "I love that. I feel great," Tebow said to the Fox 10 Phoenix in a YouTube video, "Feel strongest, healthiest and best I ever have."

"I think one of the greatest things that teaches is just keep fighting, you know, maybe when you chips are down, you are exhausted, or you feel like you can't keep going, just easy to continue to keep fighting. It's so great for sports," he said.

When asked for his favorite quote, the devote Christian Tobow gave this one -- "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who (God) holds my future."  He continued, "And that gives you peace to just continue to work. And you go after what you heart desires. And when you do that, you don't have any regrets. I think it's the best way to live life. "

Tebow is well-known for his outspoken faith. People would never forget when he was kneeling in prayer on the playground, which has since been referred to as "Tebowing." He is also enthusiastic about spreading gospel and supporting charities.



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