Tim Tebow Released by Jets, Is His NFL Career Over? Fans Weigh In on Twitter

By Ruth

Tim Tebow has been released by New York Jets, which saddened many fans who weighed in to console and encourage the former New York Jets quarterback.

The buzz-stirring news was confirmed in a three-paragraph news release.

"We have a great deal of respect for Tim Tebow," coach Rex Ryan said. "Unfortunately, things did not work out the way we all had hoped. Tim is an extremely hard worker, evident by the shape he came back in this offseason. We wish him the best moving forward."

Tebow was informed of his release Monday morning by Ryan and general manager John Idzik.
The NFL star was dressed in his workout attire, ready to work out with teammates. However, shortly after having a face-to-face meeting at Jet's facility, Tebow left the building, according a source cited by ESPN.

While Tim Tebow became a sensation after he led the Florida Gators to two national championships and won a Heisman Trophy, the Nease High School standout turned out to be an ill-fated trade for the Jets. Tim remained mostly on the sideline, reaching only 72 offensive snaps with the team.

Sources claimed that the Jets tried to trade Tebow for months in vain.
When no other team gave an offer for Tebow by the conclusion of the NFL draft on Saturday, the decision to release him was imminent, according to ESPN sources.
Several teams reached out to Tebow's agent Jimmy Sexton to use Tebow in another position, but the 25-year-old was not willing to switch his position as a quarterback.

"I felt like it was a learning opportunity for me," Tebow said of his experience in New York Jets.

"There was a lot that I'll take from it. There's a lot that I learned, and there are lot of relationships that I've built, so I know that it happened for a reason."

The news of Tim Tebow's release from the Jets caused many fans to respond on the social media. Many have grieved Tebow's release, and sent encouragement to the Christian athlete.

"Jeremiah 29:11. @TimTebow," one Christian fan tweeted.

"You're a hard worker and you can make it anywhere with that work ethic.even if you aren't a qb anymore you could be a power back," another weighed in.

"#tebow is free at last, free at last, thank God almighty Tim Tebow is free at last from that mess we call the Jets. #Tebow #NFL" another tweet reads.

"I just found out why it's raining today... @nyjets waive @TimTebow this morning and now God's even crying !!!"

"I hope Tim Tebow gets another chance. He may not be the best qb but he is the greatest role model you can have on a team."

"Tim tebow performed miracles and now he must suffer for our sins. That's how it works right?"

While Tebow's next stage remains uncertain, some events have hinted that the NFL star may have a bright future as an inspirational speaker or a movie star.

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