Todd Dulaney answers prophetic call to sing the Bible, says God is 'shifting the atmosphere'

By The Christian Post

Todd Dulaney's Back To The Book EP, Available Now | CR8 Agency

Professional baseball player turned gospel singer Todd Dulaney sings words taken straight from the Bible in his newly released EP, Back to the Book, and says he’s already seen a mighty move of God in response.

The award-winning singer was first encouraged to sing the literal word of God when he was invited to an International House of Prayer event in Ohio. The hosts of the event flew the singer out, all expenses paid, not so that he could perform there but so they could share a message with him. 

While there, he recalled them prophetically telling him that he would “sing Scripture.” Dulaney told The Christian Post he didn’t immediately receive the word wholeheartedly because he didn’t know how he would be able to format scripture verses into choruses and melodies that would “rhyme.”

Source:The Christian Post