Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date: FUNimation Put Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 on Hold

By Chrix

FUNimation is said to put the long awaited Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 on hold!

In a report done by Christian Times, the release of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 was put on hold! This may be the result of fans having mixed feelings about not having a Tokyo Ghoul Reboot!

According to recent reports, the primary reason of the delay of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is because of the lack of source material. The manga version only has 43 chapters, which is said to be insufficient for a whole season.

Studio Pierrot and FUNimation have been very mum about the status of the third season of Tokyo Ghoul, so since last year, fans have been speculating on when FUNimation will be releasing the third season of Tokyo Ghoul.

HNGN reported that FUNimation Entertainment CEO Gen Fukunaga already confirmed a third season for the dark fantasy anime in November 2015

In our previous report, Fans of the highly anticipated Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 expect FUNimation to release an official premiere date on late 2016, an early 2017 release in expected.

According to recent speculations, FUNimation will announce an official Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release date on late 2016. Fans are expecting for a early 2017 premiere for the much anticipated anime series.

In other news, Touka Kirishima a ghoul and an ex-waitress at Anteiku is set to be main spotlight of the upcoming, Tokyo Ghoul Season 3!

According to Anime Maru, the long awaited third season of the popular anime, "Tokyo Ghoul"is set to arrive sometime in winter 2016 but the report doesn't stop there. It also states that Touka Kirishima will be in the spotlight as she tries to move on to the next chapter of her life by going to college.

"The first episode exclusively available to Anime Maru staff features monologue where Touka laments her distress over choosing between Kamii University, To-Oh University, and Duke University. However, with the rise in racial tensions in the United States and the recent incident of a noose found hanging at Duke, the fear of ghoul discrimination is particularly omnipresent," Anime Maru stated.



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