Transformers 5 Release Date, News, and Casting: Mark Wahlberg, The Only Confirmed Cast on Transformers 5, and He Believes that T5 Will Be Directed By Michael Bay

By Steff

Transformers 5's release date has been moved to 2017 and Mark Wahlberg believes that Michael Bay might end up coming back to the franchise. 

Here's the latest on Transformers 5 release date, news and casting.

Since there's still no news about the casting for the upcoming Transformers 5, it is safe to assume that the release date for the movie will be moving a year later. Knowing that Transformers movie franchise is expected to have a big production including; filming of live actors and the CGI that will be involved in the movie, filming such a large project would need an ample amount of time and 1 year is not enough if you include press releases and editing, and other post-production stuff.

The only confirmed actor for the upcoming Transformers 5 is Mark Wahlberg and so far the rest are still rumors.


The movie actually still doesn't have a director as Michael Bay is leaving not going to direct the upcoming movie. Paramount Pictures and the producers of the movie are aiming for a 2017-release date, we also still don't know if there's a script for the film already. There are rumors that Jonathan Liebesman (Director of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) might be directing Transformers 5, however this is not confirmed as well. However, Mark Wahlberg also told SlashFilm that he believes that Michael Bay will end up directing the 'Tranformers 5'.


When it comes to the casting of Transformers 5, there are rumors that Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson might join the crew, there are also rumors of a G.I. Joe crossover happening with Transformers. Knowing that Hasbro own the right to both of these movies, this news is actually not so far-fetched. But then again, according to Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Producer), a crossover is "not a realistic proposition, at least not in the near future". This comment first appeared in Enstarz where Lorenzo also said, "It's not something we talk about either. There's a lot more story to be told in both cases. And I think if at some moment we think, 'You know what? It's time to bring the two of them together, 'we'll do that. But I think they're strong enough to exist on their own."  


In the last scene of Transformers 4, we saw Optimus Prime leave Earth in search of the 'Creators'. This could mean that the upcoming Transformers 5 might be focused in space. The Creator that Optimus Prime mentioned in 'Transformers 4' are the Quintessons, which is an ancient race of Transformers. This could lead to battle between creation and creator.

Release Date

It is certain that Paramount Pictures would like to release a Transformers movie every two years. But with no progress in pre-production just yet, it is safe to assume that the release date would be by 2017.


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