Trump: ‘biggest pastors’ say his fight with media, Democrats fueling greatest revival in history

By The Christian Post

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. | The White House

President Donald Trump says the “biggest pastors” in America have been telling him that his ongoing fight with the media and Democrats has been fueling the greatest revival in American history.

“I got a call the other night from pastors, the biggest pastors, evangelical Christians. They said that they have never seen our religion or any religion so electrified,” Trump said during a Friday press conference outside the White House. “They say they have never seen anything like it. Churches are joining. Hundreds of thousands of people. And you know that's to a large extent because of you and your partners, the Democrats.”

Casey Mattox, vice president of legal and judicial strategy at Americans for Prosperity, a conservative libertarian political advocacy group, said of Trump’s claim on Twitter, “I find this assertion not only factually false, but personally and theologically offensive.” 

Source:The Christian Post