Vikings Season 4 Rumors and Spoilers: Ragnar is Back from the Dead and He Knows Everything!

By Jeff Villanueva

Vikings, the TV series interpretation based on the historical accounts of Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok among others, is back with its forthcoming fourth season which will be shown on History channel next year.
What do we know so far about Vikings Season 4?

"Vikings has raided the hearts of both audiences and critics, establishing itself as one of the most compelling, visually stunning dramas on television," said History and H2 Dick Hoogstra as reported by And so back in March, TV series Vikings was renewed for its fourth season.

New Characters to Bring More Color to Vikings Season Four

As The Hollywood Reported posted back in May, "Finnish actors Peter Franzen (The Gunman) and Jasper Paakkonen (Frozen Land, Secret Lives) as well as Dianne Doan (Once Upon a Time) have joined the drama series created by Michael Hirst."

It continued, "Franzen will play King Harald Finehair, a Scandinavian warrior and potential threat to Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Paakkonen is set to play Halfdan the Black, Finehair's younger brother. Doan will portray Yidu, a new and unique Chinese character who will have a big role in season four."

What is this 'big role' for Yidu? Rumors show she will be the love interest of Ragnar. We'll soon find out.

What Can We Expect in Vikings Season Four?

"He's heard everything! He knows what people think about him," said show runner Michael Hirst about Ragnar whom we seen faked his death back in Paris after being baptized as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Hirst continued, "They were moving confessionals, really, and it's not an entire surprise that Lagertha still loves him. But it was nice to hear her say that - I'm sure Ragnar was smiling a little inside the coffin. And Floki too of course. Floki confesses really that he loves Ragnar."

"The only ambiguous one is Rollo," Hirst added, "who expresses surprise that perhaps the Gods didn't favor Ragnar over him as they'd both thought. But otherwise it's about love and it's very deeply felt. They suffer from that later; there's a carry-over because they've confessed things that they would have kept to themselves otherwise."

And how about the plot going to Season 4?

"Some time has passed," Hirst said. "The journey home took a little longer than they supposed. It hasn't been an easy run across to Paris or a straight run back. They'll have been away for a couple of years, something like that."

Is there something worth telling about Ragnar being 'away for a couple of years'? We'll soon find out.

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