Vikings Season 4 Rumors and Spoilers: Ragnar Lothbrok’s Brother Rollo to Play a Very Significant Role

By Jeff Villanueva

When Vikings return for its Season 4 this coming February 18th, there's another side of things that we need to look forward to - Ragnar Lothbrok's brother, Rollo.

Will Rollo Betray Ragnar or Not?

Many rumors talk about how Rollo will betray his brother come Vikings Season 4. In fact, these 'rumors' is supported by many teasers including the recent one where Rollo is seen leading the Frankian army in destroying the Viking warriors.

Watch Vikings: Brother Against Brother Teaser

But what's this teasing message coming directly from Rollo himself? Clive Standen, who plays Rollo, in a recent interview drop this puzzling question:

"The real question is: Is Rollo really gonna betray his brother? Or is this gonna be another route into Paris again?" Standen told IGN.

Is he trying to just raise the excitement going to the next season, or he is telling the truth?

Rollo, Prince of West Frankia

Ragnar's plan is to create a Viking community in West Frankia, thus, decided to leave his brother Rollo behind to lead the rest of his people. And yet as we have already seen, he could have gone rogue and turned his back to his people as seen here on one of the earlier trailer.

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Is this the price for becoming the Prince of West Frankia?

Yes, we have news that Rollo will be married with Emperor Charles' (Lothaire Bluteau) daughter, Princess Gisela (Morgane Polanski).

In this recent teaser trailer, we can see Rollo having a scene with his new 'wife'!

"You are my wife," Rollo tells his wife Gisela. And by the looks of it, they still have communication issues, the reason why there's a translation down the bottom of the trailer.

"Leave me alone!" Gisela said.

"No need to be afraid," Rollo trying hard to appease her.

"Don't touch me, monster!" Gisela replied.

Rollo then comes on top of Gisela only to find his wife holding a knife to his neck.

Rollo smiles then grabbed the knife and before his wife reacted, got one pillow and decided to lay down towards the other end of the bed.

Watch Vikings: Rollo and Gisla Sneak Peek

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