Vikings Season 4 Spoilers, News, and Updates: Rollo and Bjorn to step up in Season 4

By Yumi Redfield

During the last season of Vikings, in one of the lowest points for Rollo (Clive Standen), he found himself consulting a seer who told him, “If you knew what I knew, you’d be dancing naked on the beach.”

Here's the latest on Vikings Season 4 Spoilers, News, and Updates.

Rollo has been trying to understand and interpret what the seer meant ever since the conversation, and in the fourth season of Vikings, he will do what he can to prove the seers right.

In the season finale of the third season of Vikings, after Ragnar entrusted him to keep the gates open for the Vikings upon their return. Rollo betrayed his brother’s trust after he was promised lands, titles, and the Emperor’s own daughter’s hand in marriage in return for protecting France from further attacks by the Vikings.

Vikings Creator and Executive Producer Michael Hirst though they took some creative liberty in Vikings, have always tried to be historically accurate, and the fourth season will not be different. Historically, Rollo had a big role in establishing a big region of France.

The showrunners have stated that the series, Vikings, is not only about Ragnar, but about all the Vikings, and it seems that in the fourth season of Vikings, the development of other characters in the series are in order.

There are reports that with Ragnar fatally injured, his sons would rise in power and Bjorn would be named his successor. Things are far from being set in stone, however, as Bjorn would have to prove himself to the other Vikings, as well as have to deal with his wife’s demise. Unfortunately, Bjorn’s brother Ivor the Boneless would be less than supportive in seeing Bjorn ascend the throne.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that Ragnar’s story would be completely forgotten. In the upcoming fourth season of Vikings, although suffering from a fatal wound, it would not stop Ragnar from getting another woman for himself. Unlike the other women linked to him, who were powerful in their own right, the new woman in Ragnar’s life will be a Chinese slave, Yidu, which will be played by Dianne Doan.

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The fourth season of Vikings will return in 2016 on the History channel.

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