'Walk with God': Edward James Olmos shares how faith gives him strength to cope with tragedies

By The Christian Post

Edward James Olmos | 130 Agency

Legendary actor Edward James Olmos says he has clung to his faith throughout life tragedies even as he recently lost family members due to COVID-19 and is encouraging others to cling to God in both the good times and bad.

Olmos is the lead actor of the new faith-filled film “Walking With Herb," a comedy film directed by Ross Marks. Along with Olmos, the film features Kathleen Quinlan and George Lopez.

"I believe that the story itself was one that I was so grateful [that it] found my door. [Writer] Mark Medoff wrote it for me and with me in mind to play the role. That very seldom happens,” Olmos told The Christian Post in a recent interview. 

“For somebody to do work, and then turn around when they're finished [and say], 'Listen, I wrote this for you, would you take a look at it?' Wow, Mark Medoff – Yeah! [He did] 'Children of a Lesser God,' [he’s a] Pulitzer winner, Oscar winner, Tony winner. This guy is an amazing writer!” 

Source:The Christian Post