Washington National Cathedral installs stone carving of Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel

By The Christian Post

A sculpture of famed Jewish author and human rights activist Elie Wiesel, placed in Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. | Danielle E. Thomas/Washington National Cathedral

A sculpture of Elie Wiesel, the famed Jewish human rights activist, Holocaust survivor and author of the bestselling book Night, was recently installed at Washington National Cathedral.

The Washington, D.C.-based Cathedral announced this week the addition of the Wiesel stone carving to its Human Rights Porch, which includes Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa.

Kevin Eckstrom, chief communications officer for the National Cathedral, told The Christian Post that the process began in 2019 at the behest of the Cathedral Dean, the Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith.

“The proposal was reviewed by several committees and ultimately approved by the Cathedral’s board, known as the Chapter,” Eckstrom said.

Source:The Christian Post