Why God Made Mothers? Mother's Day Is Not Everyone's Favorite Day!-Mother's Day Sermon Note

By Grace


Luke 2:39-52


- your mother may have passed away

- you may have bad memories of your mother

- the Bible records a few of those

- you may have longed to be a mother and were not able

- even worse your children may not contact you

- I still remember my mother with joy on MD




Are we born male and female or are we
conditioned into the roles society has for us?

EG boys and girls in playgroup.


Do women want to be like men?

I'm not saying women shouldn't be in the workforce,
I'm saying let's get our values sorted out.

Certainly the Bible recognises women in positions
of power - women who contributed to making the world a better


Miriam who led the people in praising
God after the crossing of the Red Sea (Ex 15:21), Ruth who put
God first and became the ancestress of King David (Ruth 1:16;4:17),
Deborah, a judge in Israel (Judges 5), Hannah who 'lent to the
Lord' the child of her prayers (1Sam 1:28), Esther who took her
life in her hands to plead for her doomed people, the widow whose
obedience sustained the prophet Elijah (1Kings 17:9-16), a little
captive maid who told Naaman's wife of the man of God who could
cure Naaman of his leprosy (2Kings 5:2-4), the woman who anointed
Jesus with the expensive ointment (Mk14:3), the poor widow's gift
of two mites which won Jesus' praise (Mk 12:43), Mary who gave
birth to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Luke 1:28), Martha
who served and Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus (Luke 10:38-42),
Mary Magdalene who brought spices to anoint Jesus, who first greeted
the risen Lord and who received the first commission -'Go tell'
(Jn 20:17-18; Mk 16:9), Lydia one of the first converts in Macedonia
(Acts 16:14), Dorcas - full of good works (Acts 9:36), Phebe &
Priscilla - servants of the church (Ro 16:1-4), Lois and Eunice
who had sincere faith (2Tim 1:5), Persis 'the beloved' and Tryphena
and Tryphosa who laboured for the Lord (Romans 16:12).

So being a mother does not suggest lack of initiative
and ability. It does mean getting priorities straight. It doesn't
mean freeing men from all responsibility with young children.
It means sharing responsibility but recognising gifts.

Emerson (the American essayist) said 'People are
what their mothers make them' and Abraham Lincoln said 'All that
I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother'. Most of the greats
throughout history have had dedicated mothers and it is interesting
to note that Nero's mother was a murderess, and that the rather
dissolute Lord Byron had a mother who was proud and violent. But
let's be quick to acknowledge that Christianity has lifted women
to equality with men. In many parts of the world women are still
considered almost a beast of burden. It was Jesus Christ who elevated
womanhood, and it was Paul the apostle who said that in Christ
there is neither male nor female.

You may know of Lord Shaftesbury's statement 'Give
me a generation of Christian mothers, and I will undertake to
change the whole face of society in twelve months.' It is true
to say that the influence of a mother in her home upon the lives
of her children cannot be measured. The mother-infant bond is
an intense relationship of unparalleled human affection. It is
the foundation of the child's emotional and physical survival.

QUESTION: Can a man take on that role? Yes, I believe it is possible. Nothing is black
and white.


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