Witchcraft cited in ‘Blue Moon’ ritualistic slayings in Florida

By James.B

By Mark Ellis, Special to ASSIST News Service

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS - August 5, 2015) -- Authorities uncovered a grisly murder scene with an elderly mother and her two sons slain apparently in a Wiccan Blue Moon ritual.

"It is witchcraft, I'll say that right now," Sheriff David Morgan declared, in a news conference reported on by the Pensacola News Journal.

"Initial research has led us to believe it was a ritualistic killing," Morgan said, describing a "complex" crime scene that took two days for investigators to review.

"The method of the murder - blunt force trauma, slit throats, positioning of bodies - and our person of interest has some ties to a faith or religion that is indicative of that. The time of the death on Tuesday also coincides with what's referred to as a blue moon, which occurs every three years."

A blue moon has nothing to do with the color of the moon, but refers to a 13th moon during a 12-month period. Normally, there is one lunar cycle per month.

Occultists believe that a blue moon month doubles the power of spells and ritual work. Two consecutive blue moons are believed to double the power again.

"Witches and occultists go berserk at this time," according to David Meyer, who escaped a Satanist background by turning to Christ.

The victims -Voncile Smith, 77, John William Smith, 49, and Richard Thomas Smith, 47 - were found in their home Friday in Pensacola. They are said to have been killed with a claw hammer and their throats slit.


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