Wolverine 3 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know; Old Characters' Return, New Characters, Villain, Release Date, Rating, and Many More...

By Steff

The upcoming 'Wolverine 3' is going to be the last time that Hugh Jackman will be playing the iconic role. And rightfully, the upcoming movie is going to have a bigger budget. According Movie Pilot, the upcoming movie will have a budget of $127 million.

Currently, Hugh Jackman is filming for 'Wolverine 3' and many are hoping to get more information about the upcoming movie.

First is that the upcoming 'Wolverine 3' still doesn't have an official title, so everyone's just calling it 'Wolverine 3' for now. The upcoming 'Wolverine 3' is set to be released in the US by March 7, 2017.

According to MovieNewsGuide, the upcoming 'Wolverine 3' is going to be set, 50 years in the future. The makers of the movie are hinting on the "Old Man Logan" storyline. If this turns out to be true, then it's safe to assume that the upcoming 'Wolverine 3' is a farewell to our beloved character.

The upcoming movie is going to be R-Rated, normally we will see some gore scenes in a 'Wolverine' movie, so having it R-Rated is something new to the 'Wolverine' franchise.

There are also new characters reported to join the franchise in 'Wolverine 3'. According to reports, we will be seeing X-23 in the upcoming 'Wolverine 3'.

In case you didn't know, X-23 is the female counterpart of 'Wolverine 3', or his clone. X-23 was created to be a killing machine, much like 'Wolverine'. For a long time, X-23 did what she is designed for, but later one she joined Xavier's school and had a change of ways and became an integral part of the X-Force.

According to the rumour mill the villains in the upcoming 'Wolverine 3' will be a group of people running a Weapon X-type facility in the upcoming 'Wolverine 3'. These group are obsessed with 'Wolverine's powers and will try to get his powers for their personal gain.

Aside from the new, there are also old casts set to come back in 'Wolverine 3'. There are many reports who spotted Patrick Stewart (Professor X in the X-Men franchise) filming with Hugh Jackman. Some are also hoping to see old members of the X-Men franchise to join Hugh Jackman on the set of 'Wolverine 3'.

'Wolverine 3' is set to arrive on the big screen this coming March 3, 2017. 



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