Wycliffe Bible Translators Launch #WhyBible Campaign to Show Millennials Why the Bible Still Matters

By James.B

Wycliffe Bible Translators has started a new campaign that seeks to encourage discussion about the Gospel and show that despite statistics suggesting millennials and teenagers are becoming less engaged with God, the Bible still matters greatly in people's lives.

Extensive research, such as Barna's 2016 "State of the Bible" survey, has highlighted that while Americans hold various views on the Bible, one in five teens and one in three millennials believe that the Bible is not divinely inspired. What is more, only 16 percent of millennials would say that the Bible is the actual Word of God.

Scott Everhart, senior director of marketing at Wycliffe Bible Translators, told The Christian Post in an interview about the new campaign, called #WhyBible, that there are many forces at work looking to downplay the Bible's role in people's lives today, such as the "distraction of technology or the social pressures."

"We know the Bible is relevant to modern life, though, and needed now more than ever," Everhart said, explaining the reason for the month-long #WhyBible campaign.

"The goal is to create a forum for testimonies and stories shared about the Bible's incredible impact on individuals, communities and the world."

Everhart told CP that while his organization's mission is to provide access to Scripture for every language group that needs it around the world, there is a big problem if those who already have the Bible are failing to see its importance.

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