Yazidi women raped by ISIS forced to abandon children or face rejection from community

By The Christian Post

An Iraqi Yazidi refugee girl attends a commemoration of the third anniversary of the Yazidi genocide in Sinjar region, in the village of Nea Apollonia where more than 400 Yazidis live in apartments provided by a UNHCR-sponsored housing scheme, near Thessaloniki, Greece, August 3, 2017. | (Photo: REUTERS/Alexandros Avramidis)

Hundreds of Yazidi women raped by members of the Islamic State are being forced to choose between abandoning the young children born to them during captivity or facing expulsion from their own community.

Barfe Farho, a Yazidi who had been kidnapped by the Islamic State in Syria, gave up her 11-month-old daughter, Maria, after she was told the little girl, born of her jihadist captor, would never be accepted by her ethnic and religious community.

“I was told that she couldn’t be accepted because she would always be a ‘daughter of Daesh [Islamic State]’. They said: ‘we must forget our daughters killed by Daesh, so you can forget yours,’” she told The Telegraph

Source:The Christian Post