Egypt's Sisi is a friend of Christians because he is a good Muslim

President Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s actions on fighting violent extremism and protecting religious freedom have been courageous and increasingly effective, and the American people deserve to know that where once a group of dangerous fanatics ruled, we now have a great friend and faithful ally in Egypt.

Children shouldn’t be for sale

As you walk through communities in Thailand and India where the sex industry is prevalent, you see young girls — some not even teenagers yet — standing on the street corners or near bars. This should not be the case.

Preventing the paycheck-to-paycheck trap

I read an article recently about how many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and question how many really have to live that way. I don’t want to be calloused, but I wonder if they just need to be told to “Grow up!” Doesn’t the Bible tell us not to live that way?