Catholic priest, who allegedly abused ex-altar boy 10 times in church, now faces lawsuit

Grayscale photo of a child (Photo courtesy of Kat Jayne from Pexels)

A retired Catholic priest now faces a lawsuit after a former altar boy alleges him of molestation. 

Rev. Thomas Curley of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church was accused of sexually abusing an altar boy multiple times inside a church. 

The incident reportedly happened decades ago. The church is located in West Brighton, Staten Island.

The Lawsuit Filed Before the Court

According to the report from SILive, the complaint was filed before the Manhattan state Supreme Court under the state's Child Victims Act.

The Herman Law Firm filed the case. This was on behalf of an unnamed alleged victim known only as S.T. in the lawsuit, the report further stated.

In the suit, Rev. Curley was listed as the offender. Meanwhile, the report said the case's defendants were Sacred Heart Church and Archdiocese of New York.

The complaint claimed that the altar boy's family was a "devout Catholic family" before the incident. 

The Incidents of Abuse

According to the lawsuit via SILive report, it revealed that S.T was only 11 years old in 1978 when it first happened. 

According to the filing, S.T. was in a class for altar boys taught by Rev. Curley. The Catholic priest was the parochial vicar at Sacred Heart from 1978-1989.

Additionally, SILive reported that Fr. Curley allegedly sexually abused the plaintiff about ten times. 

The multiple alleged incidents of abuse took place in all church properties. However, the report said there was a time when the abuse occurred in a parish-sponsored bus trip to an amusement park.

The report also said that the lawsuit exposed Fr. Curley allegedly molesting the victim even on or near the altar.

"The acts of sexual abuse and assault perpetrated by Father Curley against plaintiff include, but are not limited to: Father Curley fondling plaintiff's penis; Father Curley digitally penetrating Plaintiff's anus causing it to bleed; frottage (rubbing against victim); and forcing plaintiff to fondle Father Curley's genitals for Father Curley's sexual gratification," the lawsuit read.

According to the report, the Catholic priest humiliated the plaintiff "by commenting on his wet pants and sending him out to the other altar boys with wet pants."

Moreover, the complaint claimed that Father Curley put his hands on S.T. while talking to him. He also allegedly placed his hand on the victim's buttocks and held it there while talking, the report narrated, SILive added.

As further reported, S.T claims that the Catholic priest also abused other altar boys at the time.

Who is Rev. Thomas Curley?

According to the Catholic New York, Fr. Curley celebrated his 50th year as an ordained Catholic priest last year. 

He was one of the nine priests of the Archdiocese of New York who marked their 50th anniversaries of ordination.

The post also revealed that Fr. Curley already retired in 2015 due to medical reasons.

The Catholic priest reportedly served in several parishes. This includes St. Sylvia's, St. Christopher's, St. Columba's, and Nativity of our Blessed Lady, the Catholic New York reported in 2020.

He also served at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Holy Trinity Church, St. Frances de Chantal, and the Sacred Heart, where the alleged sexual abuse incidents happened.

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