Deliverance Evangelistic Church partners with initiative offering free physical exams, COVID-19 testing, shots

Youth vaccine Flickr/ ILO Asia-Pacific

Church partnerships have been growing recently in the movement towards getting more people vaccinated. On July 28 and July 30, student-athletes can head over to Deliverance Evangelistic Church on Lehigh Avenue for free physical examinations. Further, on July 27 and July 29, other kids and adults can also visit the church to get tested for coronavirus or get their COVID-19 shots. 

From Sources of Trust

"I’m so glad the doctors put this together so we could get this, and this is my church," expressed Denise Moore Nelson, a North Philly resident. Nelson was among those who got vaccinated early at the mass vaccination hosted by Deliverance Evangelistic Church in February, Fox29 reported.

Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations were administered to those 12 and older on July 13 and July 15. According to the church announcement on Facebook, no registration had been required. 

Furthermore, the local church partnered with the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, which for its part has administered COVID-19 shots to over 50,000 Philadelphians and provided COVID-19 testing to more than 25,000 people, noted.

Medical Services for the Youth

With the partnership of groups noted as trustworthy and credible, many youth and adults are expected to benefit from the free medical services in the church this month.

At no charge to student-athletes, certain essential tests will be available on-site at the church. These include urinalysis, a test for identifying kidney diseases, and electrocardiograms that will help determine heart diseases.

In addition, from 9 am to 5 pm on July 28 and July 30, student-athletes can also get tested and receive COVID-19 shots. Meanwhile, the church will be open from 10 am to 4 pm on July 27 and July 29 to cater to a larger group of youth over age 12 and adults for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations only.

Easier Access to and From the Clinic

In addition, Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium organized a promotional partnership with Uber for up to $50 free round-trip rides. The promo code that can be used for this service is 10MVBDC. Such efforts help further encourage the youth to access these free medical services for their heart health, kidney health, and overall immunity.

As Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium expressed, their goal is to provide “barrier-free” testing and vaccination alternatives in the hardest-hit areas of Philadelphia and the Southeastern Pennsylvania area.

Getting to Know Your Vaccination Provider

Youth and adults interested in getting vaccinated at Deliverance Evangelistic Church either on the announced dates or in the near future may be keen on digging deeper about the organizer of these clinics. Black Doctors COVID-19 CONSORTIUM (BDCC) advocates reducing coronavirus cases mainly among African Americans. While they will test and vaccinate anyone regardless of race or color, the initiative was a response to the disproportionately higher rate of COVID-19 cases among African Americans than other groups.

Moreover, it should be noted that BDCC is an initiative of the youth-focused group IT TAKES PHILLY, INC., with a focus on encouraging the youth to care about and be invested in their future by exposing them to professionals. Our goal with the mobile unit is to provide a testing and vaccination alternative that is BARRIER FREE to assist in providing protection from the coronavirus disease in our hardest-hit areas of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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