Christian Church Homes to hold grand reopening of its Westlake Christian Terrace West Project

The Westlake Christian Terrace West. (GoogleMaps)

The Christian Church Homes recently announced that they will be holding a grand re-opening event for its Westlake Christian Terrace West project. The event is set to happen on August 18, 2021. Joining the events are local leaders and dignitaries of the community.

Westlake Christian Terrace West

It was originally built in 1968 to address the need for low-cost housing that caters to the elderlies of the community. The project was mainly built through the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly drafted by the government.

Under this law, direct loans are provided by the federal government that enables private and non-profit sponsors to develop secure and supportive housing for the elder individuals of the community.

As a result, the Westlake Christian Terrace West is the second most affordable housing for the elderly developed by the Christian Church Homes. For almost 5 decades, it became the home to 200 senior individuals in Oakland, California.

The West Christian Terrace West made a remarkable feat when it became the first property in the United States to repay the HUD 202 loan with the use of the program’s tax-exempt bonds and the Preservation Incentives with Low-Income Tax Credits. Furthermore, it was the first property to defer its HUD flexible subsidy loan while securing Tenant Protection Vouchers. 

The much-needed renovation of the West Christian Terrace West included upgrades in all of the apartment units, redesigning of the lobby entrance, creating a computer center and lounge, energy-efficiency upgrades, and accessibility upgrades around the property. All these will be enjoyed by its and witnessed by visitors on its grand re-opening

Christian Church Homes

The Christian Church Homes is a non-profit organization that was established in 1961. They were created for the purpose of developing affordable housing where elderlies can live, thrive, and enjoy their twilight years.

With about 11,000 Americans turning 65 each year and with limited income to afford a decent apartment, many are faced with the dilemma of having a stable home. This is where the Christian Church Homes come into play.

The organization was founded by a group of church and business leaders, their goal is to transform communities through mutual respect, human dignity, and personal independence. With years of experience, they have been recognized as a leader in developing affordable senior housing.

They acknowledged that many seniors require safe, clean, and affordable housing, which sparked their desire to help. To realize this goal, the Christian Church Homes collaborated with various faith-based organizations, community groups, and non-profit organizations. 

They have been building communities for the past 50 years and have served almost 100,000 seniors. The organization is centered on its vision, commitment, partnerships, and caring for people. At present, they have built 57 communities in seven different states.

The years of service are a testament to their strong track record when it comes to acquisition, planning and development, project management, rehabilitation, and more. Recently, they received the MetLife Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing for their Sierra Meadows project. 


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